Nshama Retail Leasing

Our primary objective is to make optimal connection at every point where retail and real estate come together. Our exclusive focus on retail and total commitment to our clients’ and partners’ success is the cornerstone of our services. Everything we do is designed to optimize and extend the reach of their retail real estate programs.


Retail Types

As trusted developers, we help each client discover what’s most important to the project’s success before we start design. That’s how the original vision reaches its utmost potential.

Through creativity and effective management, we guide clients toward viable and sustainable solutions that produce value over time and delight users everyday.


1. Fashion/ Specialty retail

2. Specialized-purpose retail:

- Lifestyle Centers

- Factory Outlets

- F&B

3. Entertainment:
- Indoor play areas

- Music schools & studios

4. Indoor sports & recreation


For more information, drop an email to leasing@nshama.ae.


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