'Green' determines your future

Nshama takes green to the next level.

These communities will incorporate green features from the design phase development itself and will be the manifestation of master architects specialising in smart, green, and environmentally-friendly architecture. These communities will offer low energy lighting, smart metering, and micro-grid technology that will ensure clean energy, green lifestyle walkways, cycling trails, eco-trams, and personalised rapid transit systems that will make movement and commuting easier and more accessible.


Nshama will develop 5G communities that will offer free Wi-Fi, fully FTTH linked, assuring seamless connectivity and high-powered living, where your choice of information and entertainment will be available 24/7


Do you like the convenience of having everything at your fingertips? Then Nshama communities are your answer, with so many amenities close by, get ready to live the life you want.