11 Football Pitches

What can you do with 31 million square feet? Town Square answers that question with innovative public spaces and dynamic private spaces.

When it's time for your workout, take proper action, spin 360 degrees and continue maintaining your discipline. Town Square Dubai has more than enough room to get your game on. 

Stroll along Town Square to cafes and shops for delicious food that fit your lifestyle.

Hike your way to healthy lifestyle. So get ready to get your skates on.

Includes amenities that reflect your taste for the exquisite.

the project includes several community parks and green trails, that offer plenty of fresh air and room to breathe. Find your spot in the shade.

Cooly, Calmly socially interact, start a new life and get in touch with your Town Square Dubai Community

Keep in touch with nature and watch the world go by with an oasis of natural serenity